Lethal Ceremonies


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Demo Pro-tape recorded @ Midnight Studio


released August 10, 2002



all rights reserved



BLISS OF FLESH spreads a brutal and insane Black Death metal on the European extreme music scene for several years now.

They burnt stages with VADER, SHINING, SECRETS OF THE MOON, ANTAEUS, etc...

After their debut album “Emaciated Deity” unanimously acclaimed by criticism, they profess the coïta with their new album "BEATI PAUPERES SPIRITU".
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Track Name: Infernal Black Aura
Infernal Black Aura

The doors get closed one by one
The negative pulse takes over
Irradiating its detestable aura
Shining of a diaphanous faith light

They all turn back one by one
Certainly afraid of the beast inside
For it gets closer and closer to the surface
Bucking stronger and stronger for the chains to be removed

And the weak eyes of innocence shall turn away from it
Instinctively repelled by this unhealthy presence
Like a disturbance in the threnody of lies
Revealing a glimpse of the forces behind it

And the living vibrations shall progressively vanish
All around the walker of the path
For them to be replaced by the warning and threat
Of the shadows that on everything prevail

Hate me even more
For I split my way from yours

I've been taught of curses
That I now carnally carry
And I have seen through shapes and eyes of death
And this sight corrupt and bend the soul

Shout or flee, ignorant slaves
But you will never know
For your eyes are blind
To these misteries and secrets
Track Name: Paindealer Doktrine
Pain Dealer Doktrine

I fear to fall as I go deeper and deeper
But still faithful in the glorious might
Sanctified is the merciless heart
It only pulses with harsh contempt

Cut throats to reduce the fools to silence
For the word is the vector of lies
Sear your flesh for the satanic obedience
For the time has come for Him to rise

Complete assassination
Pure genocide perfection
Thirst not even quenched in blood
Dismantling the world of God

Devoted to a force too strong for human understanding
Overwhelmed and maybe lost in the chaos we bring
Sanctified is the merciless heart, it’s blessed and holds the wrath
Spit on life, spread death and celebrate the chaos mass

Legions from below
Acclaim the death of Christ
They can feast on his body
His throne has burnt to ashes
His heart has been devoured by vultures
His head has been impaled on the black horns of our Lord

Inhuman and blessed
We are the legions, we are your end, you’re already dead

Spreading His deeds, tormenting the weak
Nothing in here deserves to remain

Satan blasts my soul in the Sado-Void

Kneeling before Him I humbly recieve each and every wound
Hail Satan! Give me some more!
Scarify my flesh, scarify my soul!
Track Name: Blessed Flesh
Blessed Flesh

Flesh comes, flesh goes
Like the knife in your futile structure

Night was dancing with death
Senseless fading out
Bliss of death, free from flesh
The instant of grace where eyes get closed
Never to open again

The Lord gives and the Lord takes back
And none can clearly see the aim
The word has to be heard
And obeyed!

Offering the maggot company
And the stillness of the grave
Facing nihil and, who knows?
Maybe even beyond...

Maybe facing what dwells beyond

The murder-bliss
Freedom from earthly jails
The silence of that is to come after
And the pain of those that remain

The day shall never come

Now one with mud and worms
One more coffin fed
Blessed Flesh, Dead flesh
The touch of divine grace...

The Lord gives and the Lord takes back
Taking down under earth
The word has to be heard
And obeyed!

Blessed Flesh, Dead flesh
The touch of divine grace...

Suddenly one with eternity
In a cold void of distant presence
Mostly felt in pain
Track Name: Mother Whore
Mother Whore

Beware you all fervants of carnal faith!
For these joys are trapped, their caress poisonous
Beware you all fervants of carnal faith!
Your Lord awaits and with Him the castigation hideous

Mother whore descends... In pain!

Blindly following voices screaming from inside
Uttermost treachery, the voice of the snake
Tempting the living with deadly presents
Treasuring your misfortune, Mother Whore descends!

Mother Whore descends…

Beware you all fervants of carnal faith!
For in these mirages lays hidden everything
That you could fear and loathe

All gathered and united for the lust-mass celebration
All as one in the gang-band communion
Disciples of SkinKult, believers of flesh
Sight of hungry eyes, tempted to death

Sperma! - The fluid deversed
Sperma! - The sight reversed
Sperma! - The word obeyed
Sperma! - Sentence conveyed

The serpent call echoes in each and every places
And none or so few can resist
Behold the murderous angel coming down from the sky
Naked and so gracious, beast in angelik shape

...The Devil in disguise!

The cosmic whore, fucked by all
Corruption itself, engraved at the deepest of your flesh

Chained in slavery with all earthly bonds
Trapped in a sea of voluptuous skin waves
But nothing is worth the infamous malignancy
The furor-filled eye that gleams thereunder